Davis Barber

Who are you working for? Earning what your photojournalism is worth. The workshop will cover the importance of shooting photos that make a difference, why […]

SoCal 2019 Editor’s Roundtable

Jun Starkey, JACC student president, and Sierra Shelton, JACC SoCal student representative, have been working for their student newspaper The Channels at Santa Barbara City […]

Jesus Ayala

Se Habla Español: Exploring Careers in Spanish-Language News The number of Latinos who speak Spanish at home is at an all-time high— a record 37 […]

Schedule: SoCal Conference 2019

SoCal 2019: Schedule

This is a tentative schedule for the conference, which will be held October 19, 2019, at California State University, Fullerton. [sched url=”https://jaccsocal2019.sched.com/”]

Brandon Lowrey

How To Find Gold In Court Records Even many seasoned reporters have little or no understanding of how courts work. But they’re missing out on […]

Evan Solano

Workshop 1:  Print Matters: News design 101 Contrary to popular belief print is not dead, far from it. It is, however, being stifled by complacency […]

John Welsh

Once a Journalist, Always a Journalist – Why Journalism Sets you up for Successful Second Careers. How I Converted from Newspaper Reporter to Spokesman for […]

Megan Moureaux

Social Media Best Practices: Working the Brand Embracing a voice and understanding the best (creative) practices for a brand Megan Moureaux, ESPN Megan attended Pierce […]