How To Find Gold In Court Records

Even many seasoned reporters have little or no understanding of how courts work. But they’re missing out on a ton of amazing stories and details. Civil court cases, in particular, yield a lot of details about companies, institutions, and individual people that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the public record. Learning about how the legal system works can be daunting, but Law360 in-depth legal reporter Brandon Lowrey will give you the tools to get started. You will learn how to access PACER, how to navigate local state court systems, and which documents are likely to give you the best details.


Brandon Lowrey, Law360 Reporter

Brandon is an in-depth feature reporter for Law360, a legal news trade publication with more than 1 million paid subscribers. Before that, he worked as a digital producer for NBC Los Angeles, a freelance reporter for Reuters and LA Weekly, a crime reporter for The North (San Diego) County Times and The Los Angeles Daily News, and the city editor of The Santa Clarita Valley Signal. He’s a proud JACC alumnus, and was once an editor of the College of the Canyons’ now-defunct student newspaper, The Canyon Call.

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