May 13, 2013 minutes

May 2013 Journalism Association of Community Colleges
Board of Directors Meeting 

Meeting begun by Mary Mazzocco at 4:35 p.m. Friday, May 3

Directors present:

Mary Mazzocco
Patricia Stark
Anne Belden
Genelle Belmas
Joe Wirt
Judy House
David McVicker
Jeff Gonzales
Stephan Starnes

Staff members present:

Rich Cameron
Kelly Goff

(Timi Poeppelman joined a few minutes after the meeting began)

Action Items

I.               Behavior policy concerns from state convention. Timi, Mary and Jeff have volunteered for the three-person behavior committee to address the policy violations. In the event of an appeal, Judy and David will be added to the committee. Genelle moves that the committee be formed as such. Judy seconds. Motion carries unanimously.

II.             San Jose City College issue. Mary and Timi gave an update on the situation. Because the hard drive of the previous secretary was wiped, there is no meeting record of the policy. It was announced at the General Meeting at the 2012 State Convention, but given the documentation issue, Mary recommends two items: that the board revisit and reaffirm the policy and that San Jose City College’s funds be restored. After discussion, Patricia moves that the funds be restored.  Judy seconds. Motion carries.

III.           Continuing from Item II, the board reaffirms the following:

“Student delegations to regional and statewide conventions and conferences must be accompanied for the entirety of the conference/convention by one faculty member from their school district per 20 students. This is from arrival to departure. Substitute advisers should be from the same district. If this is not possible, the substitute must be approved in writing in advance by the delegation’s district. JACC should be notified in advance in writing of all substitutions.”

Patricia moves that this policy be reaffirmed. Judy seconds. Motion carries unanimously.

Discussion items:

I.               Timi discusses establishing a board or staff liaison with the student officers to help guide them. Board discusses, holds off appointing anyone for now.

II.             Meetings: Board agrees that meeting will take place on the second Friday of each month at 4:30 p.m. online, skipping July and December for the upcoming academic year.

III.           Next in-person meeting is schedule for Saturday, Sept. 21 after the NorCal Regional Conference in Sacramento.

IV.           Timi discusses collaboration with Brooks Institute for a possible Editors Camp/Multimedia training July 11-14. Board gives Timi go-ahead to explore and act on the offer, pending financial feasibility.

Patricia moves to adjourn meeting. Judy seconds. Mary adjourns meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 5:39 p.m. until Friday, June 14 at 4:30 p.m.

Notes taken by Executive Secretary Kelly Goff

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