April 13, 2013 minutes

April 2013 Journalism Association of Community Colleges
Board of Directors Meeting (In-person)

Meeting begun by Mary Mazzocco at 6:40 p.m. Saturday, April 13
Directors present:
Mary Mazzocco
Patricia Stark
Anne Belden
Manika Casterline
Melissa Cano
Genelle Belmas
Joe Wirt
Judy House
David McVicker
Jeff Gonzales
Stephan Starnes

Staff members present:
Rich Cameron
Kelly Goff

Discussion items:
I. Orientation of new student officers and discussion of meeting times moving forward. Currently, first Friday of the month in the afternoons continue to work for everyone.

Action Items
I. Policy violation by San Jose City College. No faculty adviser was present at the general meeting and students were left without a faculty member.

*After discussion, Anne moves that students be allowed to keep their awards, if won. Genelle seconds. Motion carries unanimously.

*Students are left without an adviser from their district. Discussion over what should be done. Genelle moves that board forfeits SJCC’s outstanding balance to cover rooms for the students for the night. Anne seconds. Motion carries.
Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m. until Friday, May 3.

Notes taken by Executive Secretary Kelly Goff

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