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Brandon Lowrey

How To Find Gold In Court Records Even many seasoned reporters have little or no understanding of how courts work. But they’re missing out on […]

Evan Solano

Workshop 1:  Print Matters: News design 101 Contrary to popular belief print is not dead, far from it. It is, however, being stifled by complacency […]

John Welsh

Once a Journalist, Always a Journalist – Why Journalism Sets you up for Successful Second Careers. How I Converted from Newspaper Reporter to Spokesman for […]

Megan Moureaux

Social Media Best Practices: Working the Brand Embracing a voice and understanding the best (creative) practices for a brand Megan Moureaux, ESPN Megan attended Pierce […]

Julie Patel and Matt Stiles

Finding stories in data: How stats can uncover fun and important trends Data journalism and visualization are some of the skills most in-demand in newsrooms. […]

Toni Albertson

Baby Steps: 10 ways to go digital without killing your newspaper Toni Albertson, adviser at Mt. San Antonio College’s all digital newsroom that operates in […]

Jean Stapleton

Reporting the Manson Family Murders On the 50th anniversary of the Tate-Labianca murders and the subsequent trials, one of the young reporters of the time […]

Amara Aguilar

Building a content strategy for your news team: GIFS for Journalists This session will take you beyond viral cat GIFs and show you how you […]

Stuart Palley

Keynote Speaker / Wildlife Photographer Stuart is a photographer based in Southern California specializing in environmental, art, editorial, and commercial/corporate subjects. His recent work on […]

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Last updated:  July 2019 These contests/competitions and awards are traditionally given at JACC state convention. Regional conferences also include many of these contests. It also […]