2020 Regional Publications Contests

Remember to select SoCal or NorCal

2019-2020 JACC Publication Contests / Rules & Criteria

The BetterBNC website for the NorCal and SoCal regional publication contests are live and accepting contest entries. Click the button to go to login; once logged in, you need to select either the 2020 JACC NorCal Publications Contest or the 2020 JACC SoCal Publications Contest, depending on the region you’re in.You'll also see a button to download a copy of the  JACC Publication Contest rules and criteria.

The contest entry site accepts:

If you encounter issues remembering your login and password, here’s a tip: the login to the BetterBNC site is by specific contest so some folks have two different logins and passwords, one for the state contest and one for regionals. If you try the login/PW combination you used for state and it does not work, try the one you used for regionals last May or June. If that fails, shoot me an email and I will look it up for you. If you cannot reach me, contact the BetterBNC support number (360) 427-6300 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific Time.

The contest entry deadline and contest fee deadline has been extended to Sunday, July 12S, 2020. The contest entry fee for regionals is $100 and the Wild Apricot site has an “event” contest registration for you to register for the regional contest and generate invoices. Some colleges prepaid contest fees through a $700 membership bundle and do not have to generate a contest entry fee invoice. If your college paid the regular $500 membership fee please generate an invoice to pay the $100 contest entry fee so you can make sure the invoice payment paperwork is in the pipeline before the end of the fiscal year if that is a policy at your college.

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