Minutes: October 17, 2014

JACC Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: Friday, Oct.17, 2014


  1. 5 p.m. Meeting called to order


  1. Roll Call:    Present:    Patricia Stark

Kate McLaughlin

Walter     Hammerwold

Judy House

Rick Flores

Jhanelle Rivera

Emily Rabasto


Absent:    Timi Poeppelman (Staff)

Kelly Goff (Staff)


Vacant Positions:    Four-year staff member

Outside organization member

Communications Director


  1. Approval of minutes from Oct. 2, 2014 and Oct. 7, 2014 postponed until Nov. 6, 2014


  1. Walter’s tech report and item 5.3, election and appointment of four-year staff member and industry representative, is added to agenda.
    1. Judy moves to accept
    2. Rick Seconded  – Approved Unanimously
  1. Officers’ Reports
    1. Faculty President Report – Patricia Stark
      1. Status of delinquency with Tax Board: Duty taken over by Patricia.
      2. Articles of Incorporation
        1. Not in compliance, but documents have been received.
        2. Statement of Information – Completed
        3. Letter of determination – 3 weeks since filed, waiting on return
      3. Discussion – Shared JACC Document Folders on Google Drive
      4. Filing 1099s – consult tax professionals on how to address past tax return filings.
      5. CNPA Services Inc.
        1. To provide management and business services to JACC
        2. Contact Joe Wirt and see exactly what CNPA could do for JACC and meet with him at NorCal conf.
      6. Update on online archives
        1. Corporate folder required if going to court
        2. Foundational documents are slowly coming together.
    2. Contest Committee Report – Judy House
      1. Recommendations given to get rid of some contests, combine some
      2. Alphasmarts – in agreement to begin fading them out
        1. Leveling the playing field by allowing internet and laptops
        2. Idea – have students sign an ethics pledge
        3. Digital delivery system instead of print
          1. Email or otherwise to JACC account
          2. Roman Heindorff – Camayak
    3. Tech Committee Report – Walter Hammerwold
      1. Re-evaluate Internet use rules
      2. Netbook and laptops for state conf.
        1. Allow any computer brought by college
        2. Responsibility to provide writing instruments (alphasmarts OR laptops/tablets) on the advisers of each college
        3. Well-established competition room that is well monitored.
        4. Anticipate problems/limitations for cheating
        5. Rich Cameron offers his services to anticipate problems and provide a list of possible solutions
      3. Social Media Policy
        1. No progress
        2. Discuss how to engage students
        3. Create hubs of information
      4. Listserve
        1. Not accessible to student board members; discussion tabled
        2. Kelly has updated and fixed problems and we will continue to use their services
    4. Student President’s Report – Rick Flores
      1. Willingness of students to contribute to social media posts
        1. Bring up Staci’s social media strategy at next meeting
        2. Possible motion to add student board members to Listserve next meeting
      2. List of concerns (see report)
        1. Request an email contact list of all advisers of member schools
    5. Unfinished Business
      1. Proposed amendments to JACC Constitution
        1. Code of Ethics
        2. Confidentiality policy for board members, executive board session addition
        3. Identify 3 places to change language to give board members better access
          1. Walter moves to amend
          2. Judy seconds – Approved Unanimously
      2. Plan to approve foundational docs. (excel worksheet)
        1. Add State convention guidelines, page 35 and 36 in program
        2. Add Walter to committee for writing job descriptions
      3. Election/Appointment of four-year and industry representative
        1. The constitution does not address who chooses the people who fill these positions
          1. Walter is vocal that board members should.
        2. Call for election of prospective people in Nov. meeting
        3. Have a short, single-issue meeting after Nor. Cal JACC concerning elections
    6. Announcements
      1. Feedback about personnel issue from faculty received positively
      2. Discuss contest committee changes more in-depth
    7. Adjournment
      1. Walter moves to adjourn at 6:47 p.m.
      2. Rick seconds – Meeting adjourned


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