Minutes: May 2, 2017


Patrick Schmiedt, SoCal rep has agreed to begin working on sprucing up the website. If you have ideas, please send them his way. ADA compliance language will be added to the site.

New hires

The board noted the hiring of new professors at Bakersfield, Cypress and Chabot colleges. I will be reaching out to all.

Hotel bill

Cindy McGrath reported that there were 31 schools and 364 delegates at state. In addition, the hotel bill was reviewed by Cindy and our hotel liaison and was paid. She noted that the hotel contract for the upcoming Burbank convention is still being renegotiated. The people at Marriott wanted the organization to sign an agreement for 2020 before renegotiating the current 2018 contract. The organization declined and we are working to get Burbank renegotiated.


Cindy also noted as previously announced that NorCal is set for Oct. 21 at DeAnza College. SoCal Rep Patrick Schmiedt reported that a speaker has already been booked for SoCal to be held at Fullerton. The regional contest site will go live this week. The deadline is June 30.

New finance committee

This board’s finance committee is comprised of Cindy McGrath, Patrick Schmiedt and me.

Contest matters

  • The board voted to keep the contest fees the same this year for regionals and state.
  • The Environmental Portrait category in the Publications Contest suggested at the Faculty Conference last June is now official.
  • The board eliminated the language that allowed only the entry of photo stories/essays with accompanying text blocks of 250 words or less. Photo stories/essays with accompanying stories may now be entered; there is no longer a word length limit.
  • We voted to keep usingBNC for onlinecontest management for 2018.
  • The board tableddiscussion on creatingaward policy (wooden plaque or certificate only) for colleges that win first place and other plaque awards but do not attend regionals or state. There were differing views. It is more economical, easier and faster to send certificates but will schools feel slighted without the wood plaque? Please let us know your opinion. Two of the student board members noted that plaques are not important to them. Should the organization look toward awarding something other than a plaque for first place winners? Plaques for state will be sent out.

State feedback

The student board members offered thoughtful feedback on the conference ­­—­ their own opinions and feedback garnered from #JACChat.

  • The students asked for more hands-on workshops that involve collaboration such as the Reveal podcast workshop.
  • Students noted inconsistent instructions from proctors. A rule sheet for each contest will be developed and shared to remedy this.
  • Students would like to see the winning work at the banquet and on the website.

Industry rep

The board voted unanimously to have Jorge Medina complete the last year of his three-year term though he has left the industry. In the future, the board will re-examine the current board structure and suggest possible changes to the constitution at next year’s General Assembly.

New board members

We welcomed Nancy Kaplan-Biegel as communication director and Gardenia Zuniga, student president; Isaac Norman, Norcal student rep; and Amber Lipsey, Socal rep.

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