Minutes: March 12, 2015

JACC Board Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2015

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Meeting began at 6:02 p.m.


Present: Patricia, Judy, Walter, Emily and Kate


P noted that Kelly Goff has stepped down from her role as secretary. She is not present at the meeting, so we’re skipping the treasurer’s report.


We need to recapture the minutes of all board meetings from fall ’14. We have the video recordings of past meetings, P’s emails and letters and meeting notes that K kept at board meetings, but no official meeting minutes. K will give what she has and combined with the other materials, we will have a record from that time period.


Dave Waddell joined the meeting via phone at 6:05 p.m. Joey Berumen joined the meeting at 6:07 p.m.

Not in attendance: Janelle Rivera, Kelly Goff and Timi Poeppelman


P noted that prior to the meeting she sent a spreadsheet of officers to everyone. She asked Dave (four-year rep) and Joey (industry rep) if they would be willing to serve until April 2018. Both agreed they would.

Walter moved, Judy second, unanimous yes.


Discussion of the time date and place of board meeting at the state conference. P suggested Friday so we could sort out the CNPA information and before new student officers are elected. Some thought that once we have a schedule of events from the events director, we can work out our board meeting.


Tasks for the immediate future:

Patricia and Judy are going to be the liaisons to the convention.

Walter and Emily will drum up a student officer recruitment base; they’ll do a flier, FAQ and a cover letter and send them via email to advisers and encourage them to select good candidates from their programs. J wanted to be sure the adviser involvement wouldn’t in any way squelch student voice. All agreed it wouldn’t.

Kate will recruit the communications director and the secretary using the membership list P created and stashed in the JACC folder on Google.


CNPA – Still working out whether the CNPA deal will work. P gave CNPA/Joe Wirt a run down of what JACC does. He responded with questions and some comments. He is suggesting that all positions except the convention director be volunteer. He said we need to figure out if face-to-face board meetings are a must because they cost a lot of money. He noted that we have been giving a lot of money out every year in stipends, like $20K. We will meet again to talk more about this with (and without) Joe. We hope to have a contract drafted before state.


The faculty list serve failed. John Rose of SBCC and P started a Google email group.


P will forward the Timi email to everyone.  It contains information on the state conference that needs to be addressed. We will look at it and discuss.


Meeting adjourned at 6:47 p.m.

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