February 2013 minutes

February 2013 Journalism Association of Community Colleges

Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting begun by Mary Mazzocco at 4:34 p.m.

Directors present:

Mary Mazzocco
Patricia Stark
Manika Casterline
Genelle Belmas
Joe Wirt
Judy House

Staff members present:

Timi Poeppelman
Rich Cameron
Kelly Goff

(Anne Belden and Melissa Cano joined during the meeting)


Action Items

I. Motion to approve the minutes of January meeting. Joe Wirt moves. Judy House seconds. Motion carries unanimously.

II. Discussion of Kelly Goff’s treasurer contract. Patricia Stark asks that it be considered at a later date to give directors more time to consider the proposed contract. Anne seconds. Motion continued

III. Discussion of Burbank Marriott site as a continued venue for the Southern California state conventions. Manika Casterline raised food, Wi-Fi concerns from students.

Patricia moved to approve continuing contract with Burbank Marriott. Genelle Belmas and Anne seconded. Motion carries unanimously.

Discussion items:

I.               Discussion of live streaming convention events. In particular, the awards ceremony at the state convention by College of the Sequoias.

II.             Discussion of Morro Bay attendance. Final numbers not available yet.

III.           Volunteers of the year selected. (Intentionally omitted from meeting minutes.)

IV.           Distinguished service discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 5:27 p.m. until 5:30 Friday, March 8.

Notes taken by Executive Secretary Kelly Goff

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