2013 Publication Contest Winners

UR The Oak Leaf- Santa Rosa – entry A – B – C
UR The Sun – Southwestern – entry A – B – C
UR Currents – American River – entry A – B – C
UR The Guardsman – San Francisco – entry A – B – C
UR The Advocate – Contra Costa – entry A – B – C
UR The Channels – Santa Barbara – entry A – B – C
UR The Telescope – Palomar – entry A – B – C
UR The Rampage – Fresno – entry A – B – C
UR The Times – San Jose – entry A – B – C

UR Etc. – San Francisco – entry
UR Warrior Life – El Camino – entry
UR Torch – Fullerton – entry
UR Naked 7 – Las Positas – entry
UR El Sol – Southwestern – entry
UR Spotlight – Pasadena – entry

UR 1 AccentAdvocate – Contra Costa – entry
UR 2 The Connection – Cosumnes River – entry
UR 3 The Corsair – Santa Monica – entry
UR 4 The Monitor – Ohlone – entry
UR 5 The Telescope – Palomar – entry
UR 6 Courier – Pasadena – entry
UR 7 theRoundUpNews.com – Pierce – entry
UR 8 SacXpress.com – Sacramento – entry
UR 9 The Channels – Santa Barbara – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Phil Temple – Solano – entry
2 San Jose College Times Staff – San Jose – entry
3 Gabrielle Steiger – Bakersfield – entry
4 Nareen Bagdasarian – De Anza – entry

Judges’ Comments: The top entries “get” the concept of editorial cartooning: to make a point and express an opinion, supporting it with effective artwork. There are some other entries with fine artwork that have no editorial opinion, which makes them great as illustrations but do not really make them editorial cartoons.


1 George Morin and Sam Attal – Contra Costa – entry
2 Southwestern College Sun Staff – Southwestern – entry
3 Samuel Gonzalez and Peter Costanza – Los Medanos – entry A – B
4 Gegham Khekoyan – Los Angeles City – entry A – B

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Telescope Staff – Palomar – entry
2 Troy Orem – San Diego – entry
3 Sydney Presley – Citrus – entry
4 Matt Matteucci and Vivian Liu – Sacramento – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Ashley Curtin – El Camino – entry
2 Viridiana Vaca-Rios – El Camino – entry
3 Lisa Cassidy and Laura Crabtree – Los Medanos – entry
4 Diana Inocencio – Southwestern – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Anulak Singphiphat – San Diego – entry
2 Sara Gobets and Andrew Puckett – De Anza – entry
3 Edward Mahurien – Long Beach – entry
4 Marra-Marie Magskay – Ohlone – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Telescope Staff – Palomar – entry
2 Ernesto Rivera – Southwestern – entry
3 Jesus Chico – Los Medanos – entry
4 Lauren J. Mapp – San Diego Mesa – entry A – B

Judges’ Comments: 1. This is a good example of taking a simple idea and presenting it in a dynamic way.
2. Completely solid design here. Good use of contrast in the imagery, it helps keep the eye moving in the right direction.
3. You did a great job wrangling all this information and presenting it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the reader.
4. None


1 Faythe Del Rosario – Contra Costa – entry
2 Daniel Romandia – American River – entry
3 Emma Winkles – San Francisco – entry
4 Joakim Lindgren – Santa Barbara – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. I love the illustration style here … childlike but with a lot of nice little moments sprinkled throughout.
2. Such a simple idea, well executed. Duplicating and flipping the Death Star in such a way is quick and very effective.
3. A fun and well-executed illustration. 4. None


1 Jamie Lee – Laney – entry
2 Hannah Walrod – Ohlone – entry
3 Mark Sheppard – San Jose – entry
4 Richard Martinez, Avi Rivera and Lauren Arevalo – Los Angeles City – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. A very nice advertisement. You hook me with a unique image and clean and clear copy.
2. Modern and fun. The motion you get through the tilt grabs my attention and the chunky text is just enough to give me what I need.
3. This is a bit silly, a bit serious, a bit messy and a bit classic. It’s a strange mix that works to grab my attention and deliver the information.
4. None


1 Oystein Gronvold – Santa Barbara – entry
2 Mark Sheppard and Andy Nguyen – San Jose – entry
3 Daniel Barba Almeida – Santa Rosa – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Justin Masanque, Shaun Kahmann, David Leonard, Kiigan Snaer and Deb Hellman – Palomar – entry
2 Josue Hernandez – LA City – entry
3 Ashley Curtin, Del Parvazi and Dylan Cunningham – El Camino – entry
4 Gabriela Castillo and Amrah Khan – Pasadena – entry

Judges’ Comments: None

1 David Leonard and Kiigan Snaer – Palomar – entry
2 Jose Palacios – Long Beach – entry
3 Trevin Smith and Kyle Lawhorn – Las Positas – entry
4 Jose Tobar – Los Angeles City – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. Simple, direct and powerful.
2. Modern and risky. Keep pushing beyond what is expected!
3. Very clean and cool. Love the photo and I love the way the logo interacts with it.
4. None


1 Kelcie P. Walther – San Francisco – entry
2 Monica Velasquez – Pierce – entry
3 David Leonard and Hannah Villaruel – Palomar – entry
4 Pamela Wells – Pierce – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Louise Bleakley – San Francisco – entry
2 Natalee Ayala – Pierce – entry
3 Luis Rivas – Los Angeles City – entry
4 Shaun Kahmann – Palomar – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Joe Kukuczka – Pierce – entry
2 Sanjin Malesevic – Long Beach – entry
3 Mary York – Southwestern – entry
4 Heather Perry – San Francisco – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Marlon Miranda – Glendale – entry
2 Heather Perry – San Francisco – entry
3 Pooya Salehyar – Pierce – entry
4 Amanda L. Abad and Mary York – Southwestern – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. Fantastic use of quotes and writer’s observations to give us a good sense of the subject. The story balanced its news hook with the personal profile wonderfully. Memorable ending. Well done.
2. Many papers have written about college students who are also strippers. What elevated this story as memorable was the captivating descriptions and attention to visuals. Made for a delightful read.br> 3. A thrill to read. Great quotes from the profile subject.
4. None
Competition CommentsThis was a tough competition to judge. Many amazing profile subjects and good writing.


1 Kiigan Snaer – Palomar – entry
2 Matthew Heidbreder – Long Beach – entry
3 Maria Salvador – Pierce – entry
4 Anthony Mata – San Francisco – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 John Montano – Los Angeles – entry
2 Kauhmann Shaun – Palomar – entry
3 Trevin Smith – Las Positas – entry
4 Leah Arzu – Glendale – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Justine Young – Santa Barbara – entry
2 Nathan Gawronsky, Andy Riesmeyer and Fatou Samb – Santa Monica – entry
3 Troy Pope – Fresno – entry
4 Rachel Weaver – Laney – entry

Judges’ Comments: None

1 Ian Hanner and Gio Nieto – Palomar – entry A – B – C
2 Joe Fitzgerald – San Francisco – entry A – B – C
3 George Morin and Rodney Woodson – Contra Costa – entry
4 Kayla Figard, Carlos Mesquita, Varsha Ranjit and Manuel Orbegozo – San Mateo – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Matt Narlesky – San Jose – entry
2 Wen Lee – De Anza – entry
3 Sara Gobets – De Anza – entry
4 Tomas Kassahun – Fresno – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. This piece was well written and well organized. The lede was good and so was the conclusion. It is important for a feature story to make the reader think or be interested in something and this piqued my interest for sure.br> 2. This was a fun way to present information on classes/sports to students. Relating it to something that is pop culture relevant was clever and the quotes were great too. Nice job on making what could have been a boring feature for sports interesting and fun.
3. This piece could have easily been a profile but was nicely made into a feature by including the history, quotes and viewpoints of other people and the news aspect of the event. The tone and writing style are easy to read and have a good rhythm making it easy to read through.
4. None
Competition Comments Overall the entries did a good job finding interesting feature stories with new angles or clever set ups. The quality of writing was above average and the organization of information in the articles was good.


1 David Tate – Citrus – entry
2 Ernesto Rivera – Southwestern – entry
3 F.E. Cornejo – Pasadena – entry
4 David Tate – Citrus – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. Very well written. Tells a story and is great in helping the reader visualize the professor and her movement. Also doesn’t get bogged down in her history but focuses more on her current work and passion. Well done. 2. Good piece on a relevant topic. Profile is not so much on her life but an experience in her life. Quote heavy but well structured so it doesn’t bog down the piece. 3. Good lede. Interesting piece and new angle for a “cop” subject. Good use of quotes. Also concise, doesn’t get bogged down in the retelling of his whole life. Nicely done. 4. None Competition Comments Overall pretty good. Students shouldn’t get too concerned with retelling a profile subject whole life story. Also work on being concise and finding an interesting lede that is representative of what the overall article is about. Don’t start off with something that is creative but not relevant to the rest of the piece. Keep consistent tone and try to make sure your piece has good rhythm so the reader doesn’t get bored or tired of reading before they get to the end. Interesting subjects always help of course, but even if your subject turns out to be a dud in terms of usable quotes, just work on your interviewing skills, interview others and don’t limit yourself to just one sit down with them.


1 Spring 2012 Editors – Sacramento – entry
2 John Garcia – Citrus – entry
3 Telescope Staff – Palomar – entry
4 The Advocate Editorial Board – Contra Costa – entry
HM Joe Vukayrath – San Diego Mesa – entry

Judges’ Comments: Overall, some good editorials here. Most that didn’t make the cut either were full of grammar and AP style errors or were simply too long. I picked 4 winners and 1 HM, but there were 18 serious contenders overall, which made it very difficult to choose.


1 Audrey Gertz – Los Medanos – entry
2 Lauren J. Mapp – San Diego Mesa – entry
3 Andrew Hahn – San Diego – entry
4 Cassidy Mila – Santa Rosa – entry

Judges’ Comments: None

1 Devon Everett – Riverside – entry
2 Claire Sullivan – Sacramento – entry
3 Augustine Ugalde – East Los Angeles – entry
4 David Tate – Citrus – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Travis Danner – Las Positas – entry
2 Emerson Malone – Santa Barbara – entry A – B
3 Isabel Baskerville – Santa Rosa – entry A – B
4 Nathan Gawronsky – Santa Monica – entry A – B

Judges’ Comments: 1. Well done. This is as close as I’ve seen in this competition to a real “column,” as opposed to a regular feature.
2. You write with clarity, style and a quiet passion. Nicely done.
3. The first entry was incredibly poignant. The second one? You had me at the phrase “overachieving butthead.”
4. Competition Comments A lot of solid work in this category, but these four stood head-and-shoulders above the rest largely because they found, and used, THEIR voices. That’s what the art of column writing is all about.


1 Jose Cueto – Orange Coast – entry
2 Matthew Slagle – Palomar – entry
3 Steven Uhl – Southwestern – entry
4 Tadzio Garcia – East Los Angeles – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. work. Very effective lede, and you described what the rowing team accomplished and set it against the larger picture.
2. Excellent job. Not a lot of play-by-play but a lot of perspective, which is necessary if you’re writing a story that people won’t see until five or six days after the game.
3. That first quote alone made me want to read more.
4. None
Competition Comments Quality of work ran the gamut, but these were four solid efforts.


1 Michael Yanow – Santa Monica – entry
2 Heather Hegeman – Ohlone – entry
3 Michael Yanow – Santa Monica – entry
4 Alex Lopez – Las Positas – entry

Judges’ Comments: None

1 Carlos Carpio – Pierce – entry
2 Paul Schlesinger – Fresno – entry
3 Ryan Yamamoto – Pasadena – entry
4 Mike Williams – El Camino – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. Wonderful moment, strong composition. Everything works in this image, from the great expressions on the players faces to the crowd reaction in background.
2. Great reaction shot, especially on the girl’s face, second from left. All the players on the right are looking her way which draws me right back into the strongest part of the image. Clearly tells the story of who won the match.
3. Great framing and moment. Excellent job of working a situation and making the most out of it. Would have placed higher if the caption included the girl’s name.
1. None


1 Qing Huang – Contra Costa – entry
2 Martin Lester – Pierce – entry
3 James Crosby – Santa Barbara – entry
4 Alex Lopez – Las Positas – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. A beautiful photo with so much going right for it. Angle. Fit the frame. Action. Sharp. Well done.
2. An interesting angle matched with using lighting to make the photo more interesting.
3. A lower angle, with slightly larger moon in the background would have moved this photo higher for me.
1. None


1 George Morin and Sam Attal – Contra Costa – entry
2 Ben Gogna and Tim Hosford – Solano – entry
3 Michael Yanow – Santa Monica – entry
4 Sam Attal – Contra Costa – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. Terrific photo essay. This was a very interesting peek inside this course. The look on some students’ faces was great.
1. Excellent use of sound. Great photos, too. Narration could use a little bit more energy.
1. Having the subjects give all of the exposition was a good choice for this particular story. Some of the sound was hard to make out, but I feel this painted a pretty accurate picture of the activity center.
1. None
Competition Comments I was very impressed by the submissions. Something to keep in mind when building a slideshow is to let the photos speak for themselves. Don’t worry about having fancy transitions or graphics.


1 JD Villaneva – Sacramento – entry
2 Inae Bloom – Los Angeles City – entry

Judges’ Comments: None


1 Steve Palma – Pierce – entry
2 Dianne Rose – Sacramento – entry
3 Bryan Shinoda – Orange Coast – entry
4 Philip Prins – El Camino – entry

Judges’ Comments: Many good entries. The weak point in many entries was cropping and depth of field (most were cropped too loose and had too much depth of field). General image quality was a secondary issue. Many images were dark and flat and colors were over saturated. The four winners were clearly the best of the lot, but there were additional entries that came close to placing.


1 Morton Opedal, Emma Hermansson and Scott Buffon – Santa Barbara – entry
2 Andy Riesmeyer – Santa Monica – entry
3 Matthew Emmanuel and Sebastian Rene – Diablo Valley – entry
4 Ernesto Rivera, Joseph Young and Alexis Dominguez – Southwestern – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. This was by far the most interesting package in the bunch. There were a few spots that were too loud or too quiet, but those were very minor. Terrific!
2. Great reporting. I was impressed that “cop sound” and “protester sound” were featured almost equally. As an outsider, I would have liked to have more context earlier in the story. Very good.
3. Snyder seems like a real character and the visuals and music worked perfectly with the story, though it seemed to drag on at some points. Well done, overall.
Competition Comments There was great work in all of the submissions. One fairly consistent problem was audio mixing. Having done this myself, I know some problems cannot be avoided. When working with video, it’s important to switch up the visuals constantly to keep the viewer’s interest. No matter how engaging a news reader might be, it’s hard to stare at a talking head for any real length of time. That’s about it. Great work, everyone!


1 Andy Riesmeyer and Paul Alvarez, Jr. – Santa Monica – entry
2 Eli Diaz – Pierce – entry
3 Angelo Mabalot, Vincent Fernandez, Katy Paloy and Kim Washington – Sacramento – entry
4 Josie Arvidsson, Emma Hermansson, Morten Opedal and Emerson Malone – Santa Barbara – entry

Judges’ Comments: 1. I think this is the best bit of journalism among the submissions. It takes a topic that could be complex to some a boils it down to an understandable couple of minutes, while still doing it justice.
2.Terrific visuals in this video. Great use of sound, as well.
3. Nice editing and visuals. Would have been nice to speak with teachers that don’t like the students rehearsing outside. Well done, SCC!
4. None Competition Comments It was a pleasure judging this category. Well done to all schools.

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