SoCal 2017 Publication Contest Award Recipients

The following students/colleges received awards at the 2017 SoCal conference.

You may also view and/or download a PDF version of these results.

Category NameAwardCreditsPublication NameOrganization
Photo IllustrationFirst PlaceEdward LockeLos Angeles CollegianLos Angeles City College
Photo IllustrationSecond PlaceDevin MichaelsCoast ReportOrange Coast College
Photo IllustrationThird PlaceDianna Parra Garcia and Zin ChiangThe CorsairSanta Monica College
Photo IllustrationFourth PlaceKevin Alvarez, Andrew Ortega and MeganClarionCitrus College
Photo IllustrationHonorable MentionDevin MichaelsCoast ReportOrange Coast College
Student Designed AdvertisementFirst PlaceAaron MartinezEl PaisanoRio Hondo College
Student Designed AdvertisementSecond PlaceMirella LopezThe SunSouthwestern College
Student Designed AdvertisementThird PlaceJorge VillaThe UnionEl Camino College
Student Designed AdvertisementFourth PlaceSal PolcinoEl VaqueroGlendale College
Student Designed AdvertisementHonorable MentionKitty PinneyThe TelescopePalomar College
Editorial CartoonFirst PlaceEdward LockeLos Angeles CollegianLos Angeles City College
Editorial CartoonSecond PlaceAdam ValenzuelaSaconSceneMt. San Antonio College
Editorial CartoonThird PlaceEmily HermosilloClarionCitrus College
Editorial CartoonFourth PlaceCollin VoreThe TelescopePalomar College
Editorial CartoonHonorable MentionMariam ZagubCoast ReportOrange Coast College
Editorial CartoonHonorable MentionMichelle PhillipsThe SunSouthwestern College
IllustrationFirst PlaceMadison MooreViewpointsRiverside College
IllustrationSecond PlaceDalia QuirozSaconSceneMt. San Antonio College
IllustrationThird PlaceJoshua MillerViking NewsLong Beach City College
IllustrationFourth PlaceDiego CrespoEl PaisanoRio Hondo College
IllustrationHonorable MentionAida OhadiEl VaqueroGlendale College
IllustrationHonorable MentionDalia QuirozSaconSceneMt. San Antonio College
Sports Feature PhotoFirst PlaceMatt MartinThe CorsairSanta Monica College
Sports Feature PhotoSecond PlaceColeen BurnhamThe TelescopePalomar College
Sports Feature PhotoThird PlacePresley SwearingenViking NewsLong Beach City College
Sports Feature PhotoFourth PlaceJackie RomanoThe UnionEl Camino College
Sports Feature PhotoHonorable MentionColeen BurnhamThe TelescopePalomor College
Sports Feature PhotoHonorable MentionJames SchaapStudent VoiceMoorpark College
News PhotoFirst PlacePablo UnzuetaSaconSceneMt. San Antonio College
News PhotoSecond PlaceJose C. LopezThe CorsairSanta Monica College
News PhotoThird PlaceStacy SorianoViewpointsRiverside College
News PhotoFourth PlaceJohn LopezThe UnionEl Camino College
Front Page LayoutFirst PlaceMegan BenderClarion Citrus College
Front Page LayoutSecond PlaceCoast Report StaffCoast ReportOrange Coast College
Front Page LayoutThird PlaceAndrew KhanianThe CorsairSanta Monica College
Front Page LayoutFourth PlaceJoshua MillerViking NewsLong Beach City College
Front Page LayoutHonorable MentionSteven Adamo and Diego LinaresCampus NewsEast Los Angeles College
Front Page LayoutHonorable MentionEl Vaquero StaffEl VaqueroGlendale College
Informational GraphicFirst PlaceClaire BushLos Angeles CollegianLos Angeles City College
Informational GraphicSecond PlaceMirella LopezThe SunSouthwestern College
Informational GraphicThird PlaceSabrina GonzalezClarionCitrus College
Informational GraphicFourth PlaceIsabella Balandran and Sara TealCoast ReportOrange Coast College
Inside Page LayoutFirst PlaceSteven Adamo Campus NewsEast Los Angeles College
Inside Page LayoutSecond PlaceLissette MendozaViking NewsLong Beach City College
Inside Page LayoutThird PlaceKirk MattuThe TelescopePalomar College
Inside Page LayoutFourth PlaceJohn Michaelides and Cheyenne Falcon Clarion Citrus College
Inside Page LayoutHonorable MentionRichard MartinezLos Angeles CollegianLos Angeles City College
Inside Page LayoutHonorable MentionPaola Palacios and Tyler ReeseViewpointsRiverside College
Environmental PortraitFirst PlaceMichael WatkinsPCC CourierPasadena City College
Environmental PortraitSecond PlaceLissette MendozaViking NewsLong Beach City College
Environmental PortraitThird PlaceDavid HodgesThe SunSouthwestern College
Environmental PortraitFourth PlaceJorge VillaThe UnionEl Camino College
Environmental PortraitHonorable MentionMichael WatkinsPCC CourierPasadena City College
Online Photo Story/EssayFirst PlaceZane Meyer-Thornton, Matthew Martin, Alfonso Castaneda Jr. and Cecilia MartinThe CorsairSanta Monica College
Online Photo Story/EssaySecond PlaceRuth IorioThe CorsairSanta Monica College
Online Photo Story/EssayThird PlaceSabrina GonzalezClarionCitrus College
Online Photo Story/EssayFourth PlaceWilliam NestlehuttPCC CourierPasadena City College
Online Photo Story/EssayHonorable MentionLissette MendozaViking NewsLong Beach City College
Feature PhotoFirst PlaceShannon GodlyLos Angeles CollegianLos Angeles City College
Feature PhotoSecond PlaceMelissa RodasThe TelescopePalomar College
Feature PhotoThird PlaceJames SchaapStudent VoiceMoorpark College
Feature PhotoFourth PlaceMarc DionneRoundupPierce College
Feature PhotoHonorable MentionZane Meyer-ThorntonThe CorsairSanta Monica College
Feature PhotoHonorable MentionPablo Unzueta SaconSceneMt. San Antonio College
Sports Action PhotoFirst PlacePhilip FarryThe TelescopePalomar College
Sports Action PhotoSecond PlaceEdward RamirezClarionCitrus College
Sports Action PhotoThird PlaceMatthew MartinThe CorsairSanta Monica College
Sports Action PhotoFourth PlaceBruce WoodwardThe TelescopePalomar College
Sports Action PhotoHonorable MentionMichael WatkinsPCC CourierPasadena City College
Sports Action PhotoHonorable MentionErin AsisViking NewsLong Beach City College
News StoryFirst PlaceCristofer Garcia-SaldivarThe SunSouthwestern College
News StorySecond PlaceClayton SpiveyCoast ReportOrange Coast College
News StoryThird PlaceZoe ParkerRoundupPierce College
News StoryFourth PlaceSarah DesmondThe UnionEl Camino College
Magazine News FeatureFirst PlaceBianca QuilantanEl SolSouthwestern College Magazine
News FeatureSecond PlaceClinton CameronCollegian TimesLos Angeles City College Magazine
News FeatureThird PlaceJames DuffyLogosCitrus College
Magazine News FeatureFourth PlaceMarsha PerryCollegian TimesLos Angeles City College
Magazine News FeatureHonorable MentionKayla BerensonThe Bull MagazinePierce College Magazine
News FeatureHonorable MentionDaniel Steele and Jullian Aiden BravoThe BreezeChaffey College
Webcast/Broadcast NewsFirst PlaceAshley Lucas and Wade HolmLariatSaddleback College
Webcast/Broadcast NewsSecond PlaceErik Adams and Robert DelgadoLogosCitrus College
Webcast/Broadcast NewsThird PlaceAlethze Maryana Meza and Alex MoralesThe SunSouthwestern College
Webcast/Broadcast NewsFourth PlaceAngel Grady, Austin Weatherman, Denisse Hobson, Agnija Perry and the OC News TeamLariatSaddleback College
Webcast/Broadcast NewsHonorable MentionJoe DuselThe TelescopePalomar College
Magazine Cover DesignFirst PlaceKatja LiebingSpotlightPasadena City College
Magazine Cover DesignSecond PlaceStaffThe Bull MagazinePierce College
Magazine Cover DesignThird PlaceAaron MartinezLa Cima MagazineRio Hondo College
Magazine Cover DesignFourth PlaceEl Sol StaffEl SolSouthwestern College
Magazine Design/LayoutFirst PlaceThe Bull StaffThe Bull MagazinePierce College
Magazine Design/LayoutSecond PlaceLa Cima Magazine StaffLa Cima MagazineRio Hondo College
Magazine Design/LayoutThird PlaceSusan Gresto and Liliana PadillaInside FullertonFullerton College
Magazine Design/LayoutFourth PlaceKitty Pinney, Maurice Thomas, Jordan Carroll, Jose Herrera and Noah CallahanPalomar College 
Magazine PhotoFirst PlaceBianca QuilantanEl SolSouthwestern College
Magazine PhotoSecond PlaceMichael WatkinsSpotlightPasadena City College
Magazine PhotoThird PlaceCurtis SabirCollegian TimesLos Angeles City College
Magazine PhotoFourth PlaceDavid SantillanImpact MagazinePalomar College
Magazine Photo Story-EssayFirst PlaceThomas Chesy Legend San Diego City College
Magazine Photo Story-EssaySecond PlaceDavid HawkinsThe Bull MagazinePierce College
Magazine Photo Story-EssayThird PlaceMadelyn GastelumLa Cima MagazineRio Hondo College
Magazine Photo Story-EssayFourth PlacePablo UnzuetaSubstanceMt. San Antonio College
Magazine Illustration First PlaceLuz AramubroEl SolSouthwestern College
Magazine Illustration Second PlaceNatalia ZepedaCollegian TimesLos Angeles City College
Magazine Illustration Third PlaceLuz Aurora AramburoEl SolSouthwestern College
Magazine Illustration Fourth PlaceEvan SolanoLogosCitrus College
EditorialFirst PlaceSaconScene Editorial Board SaconSceneMt. San Antonio College
EditorialSecond PlaceAnde Richards Los Angeles CollegianLos Angeles City College
EditorialThird PlaceVanessa ArredondoRoundupPierce College
EditorialFourth PlaceMirella LopezThe SunSouthwestern College
Editorial Honorable MentionAmber Lipsey and John OronaPCC CourierPasadena City College
Editorial Honorable MentionSaconScene Editorial Board SaconSceneMt. San Antonio College
Critical ReviewFirst PlaceVictor RodriguezRoundupPierce College
Critical ReviewSecond PlaceJeanette SandovalThe SunSouthwestern College
Critical ReviewThird PlaceJonathan Van NielViewpointsRiverside College
Critical ReviewFourth PlaceVictor RodriguezRoundupPierce College
Critical ReviewHonorable MentionTalin HakopyanSaconSceneMt. San Antonio College
General ExcellenceMagazineStaffImpact MagazinePalomar College
General ExcellenceMagazineLogos StaffLogosCitrus College
General ExcellenceMagazineRoundup StaffThe Bull MagazinePierce College
General ExcellenceMagazineEl Sol StaffEl SolSouthwestern College
General ExcellenceMagazineWarrior Life StaffWarrior LifeEl Camino College
Magazine Profile ArticleFirst PlaceJason PiskopusCollegian TimesLos Angeles City College
Magazine Profile ArticleSecond PlaceTaya Buehler ReaganOrange AppealSaddleback College
Magazine Profile ArticleThird PlaceBrigette LugoSubstanceMt. San Antonio College
Magazine Profile ArticleFourth PlaceDarius JohariLogosCitrus College
Magazine Opinion ArticleFirst PlaceAmber LipseySpotlightPasadena City College
Magazine Opinion ArticleSecond PlaceBatool JafferLogosCitrus College
Magazine Opinion ArticleThird PlaceAlbert SernaSubstanceMt. San Antonio College
Magazine Opinion ArticleFourth PlaceAshley MagdalenoImpact MagazinePalomar College
Sports Game StoryFirst PlaceMax PerezTalon MarksCerritos College
Sports Game StorySecond PlaceSara TealCoast ReportOrange Coast College
Sports Game StoryThird PlaceJoshua ManesRoundupPierce College
Sports Game StoryFourth PlacePaola PalaciosViewpointsRiverside College
Sports Game StoryHonorable MentionDon PerezThe UnionEl Camino College
Sports Game StoryHonorable MentionSpencer GolankaCoast ReportOrange Coast College
Column WritingFirst PlaceAmber LipseyPCC CourierPasadena City College
Column WritingSecond PlaceJonathan Van NielViewpointsRiverside College
Column WritingThird PlaceXela QuintanaClarionCitrus College
Column WritingFourth PlaceClayton SpiveyCoast ReportOrange Coast College
Feature StoryFirst PlaceIsabella BalandranCoast ReportOrange Coast College
Feature StorySecond PlaceRosi Di StefanoClarionCitrus College
Feature StoryThird PlaceClayton Spivey Coast ReportOrange Coast College
Feature StoryFourth PlaceMary Valterria ViewpointsRiverside College
Enterprise News Story/SeriesMeritoriousKaty StegallThe SunSouthwestern College
Enterprise News Story/SeriesMeritoriousEdward Lee and Adrianna BuenviajeThe CorsairSanta Monica College
Enterprise News Story/SeriesMeritoriousClinton CameronLos Angeles CollegianLos Angeles City College
Enterprise News Story/SeriesMeritoriousSorina Szakacs Los Angeles CollegianLos Angeles City College
Enterprise News Story/SeriesMeritoriousLissette Mendoza-Tapia and Danny Rivera Viking NewsLong Beach City College 
Enterprise News Story/SeriesMeritoriousCoast Report StaffCoast ReportOrange Coast College
Photo Story-EssayFirst PlaceLissette MendozaViking NewsLong Beach City College
Photo Story-EssaySecond PlaceMatthew MartinThe CorsairSanta Monica College
Photo Story-EssayThird PlaceJose C. Lopez and Daniel BowyerThe CorsairSanta Monica College
Photo Story-EssayFourth PlaceMohammad Djauhari RoundupPierce College
Opinion StoryFirst PlaceSara Teal Coast ReportOrange Coast College
Opinion StorySecond PlaceSpencer Otte and Madison Hopkins The Western Sun Golden West College
Opinion StoryThird PlaceCailynn Knabenshue and Amber Lipsey PCC CourierPasadena City College
Opinion StoryFourth PlaceAmber Lipsey PCC CourierPasadena City College
Video Journalism First PlaceBrigette Lugo and Melody WaintalSaconSceneMt. San Antonio College
Video Journalism Second PlaceMartin Bilbao Student VoiceMoorpark College
Video Journalism Third PlaceBrianna Sewell and Jessica SosaClarion Citrus College
Video Journalism Fourth PlaceKarla HenryThe UnionEl Camino College
Video Journalism Honorable MentionBailey Long, Sienna Thomas, Isabelle Cheam andThe HornetFullerton College
Video Journalism Honorable MentionLissette MendozaViking NewsLong Beach City College
Profile Feature Story First PlaceCristal RuizThe HornetFullerton College
Profile Feature Story Second PlaceIvana MoralesThe SunSouthwestern College
Profile Feature Story Third PlaceMargherita BealeCoast ReportOrange Coast College
Profile Feature Story Fourth PlaceChristina LyonThe UnionEl Camino College
Profile Feature Story Honorable MentionJacob TuckerThe TelescopePalomar College
General ExcellencePrint EditionViewpoints StaffViewpointsRiverside College
General ExcellencePrint EditionViking News StaffViking NewsLong Beach City College
General ExcellencePrint EditionRoundup StaffRoundupPierce College
General ExcellencePrint EditionCoast Report StaffCoast ReportOrange Coast College
General ExcellencePrint EditionThe Telescope StaffThe TelescopePalomar College
General ExcellencePrint EditionCollegian StaffLos Angeles CollegianLos Angeles City College
General ExcellenceOnline EditionTalon Marks StaffTalon MarksCerritos College
General ExcellenceOnline EditionClarion StaffClarionCitrus College
General ExcellenceOnline EditionSaconScene StaffSaconSceneMt. San Antonio College
General ExcellenceOnline EditionCoast Report Online StaffCoast Report OnlineOrange Coast College
General ExcellenceOnline EditionRoundup StaffRoundupPierce College
General ExcellenceOnline EditionEl Paisano StaffEl PaisanoRio Hondo College
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