List of Contests

These contests/competitions and awards are traditionally given at JACC state convention. Regional conferences also include many of these contests.

It also includes a smaller list of approved on-the-spot contests that convention and conference coordinators may choose from in planning events from year to year.

See individual guidelines pages for rules for each contest.


The Pacesetter Award contest applies only at the State Convention. It is a sweepstakes award to honor the top four schools in Mail-in and On-the-Spot competitions. Colleges must win a Newspaper or Online General Excellence award to qualify. Qualifying colleges receive sweepstakes points for Newspaper Mail-in competitions andOn-the-Spot competitions. Magazine competitions and multimedia competitions are not included.

Colleges receive points for each eligible award they win:

  • 1st place = 5 points
  • 2nd place = 4 points
  • 3rd place = 3 points
  • 4th place = 2 points
  • General Excellence = 5 points
  • Meritorious = 3 points
  • Honorable Mention = 1 point

Print / Online Newspaper Competitions



  • Newspaper General Excellence
  • Online Journalism General Excellence


  • Inside Page Layout
  • Front Page Layout
  • Informational Graphic
  • Illustration
  • Editorial Cartoon
  • Student Designed Advertisement
  • Photo Illustration


  • Online Photo Essay
  • Webcast/Broadcast News
  • Video Journalism (no points)


  • News Story
  • Enterprise News Story/Series
  • Feature Story
  • Profile Feature Story
  • Editorial
  • Critical Review
  • Opinion Story
  • Column Writing
  • Sports Game Story


  • Sports Action Photo
  • Feature Photo
  • Sports Feature Photo
  • Photo Story/Essay
  • Environmental Portrait
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